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Cake Home Delivery Indore

1.Why To Give Order as?
Pay Half amount & Half amount after delivery & your satisfaction.

Fresh & Reach Cream Cake

Call as: 9039737991

All cakes are eggless

100% Fresh & Reach Cream

Birthday Cake

Home Delivery Indore:
Hi, I am Wonder Cake. I will deliver 100% Fresh & Eggless Cakes.
I have Birthday and Anniversary Cakes.
I can also Customize Cake.

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Cake Shop Name: Wonder Cake’s 
Address: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pincode: 444001, 444002, 444101, 444302
Phone No: 9039737991

Cake Shop Times:

Monday open at 11:00 Am Close to 09:00 Pm
Tuesdays open at 11:00 Am Close to 09:00 Pm
Wednesday open at 11:00 Am Close to 09:00 Pm
Thursday open at 11:00 Am Close to 09:00 Pm
Fridays open at 12:30 Am Close to 09:00 Pm
Saturday open at 11:00 Am Close to 09:00 Pm
Sundays open at 12:00 Am Close to 07:00 Pm

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