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– 10x Faster Hair Growth (12 days)
– 4x Hair Fall Control in 1 Week
– Contains cow urine as well as other ingredients
– Can help hair growth
– Can also help to change hair color from white to black
– Has a mild, soft, and smooth texture
– Can be applied to the scalp or hair
– Can also be combined with other essential oils

Based on Onion, Banana & Cow Urine

No Hair Oil Working? Try This Oil

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For Faster Hair Growth, Use Gojackma Cow Urine Oil.

Review Cow Urine Hair Oil best for faster hair growth

Gojackma Gaumutra oil

Other Reviews:

Minakshi T
“”Cow Oil Work Great but resultes show in 1.2 weeks. I think it Depend on Hair to hair.“”

Shilpa Se.
“”Suddanly my hair starting fulling. I try 3 oil not work then I try goumutra oil in 6 days my hair fall stop“”

Komal W.
Don’t No About Results. Today Received. I will Updated about results.

Lokesh J.
It work for faster Hair Growth? Can Any one Answer

Not Smell like Cow Urine. And Working my hair growth again on some parts of head.

Rahul P.
Cow oil Working I am Using it from 1 Month And Results are Excellent.

The Gojackma Cow Urine Oil For Hair Growth is a modern hair oil created by a group of people in Udaipur who were looking for a solution to hair loss and used cow urine as the main ingredient. This oil contains cow urine as well as coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, neem oil, and other ingredients. It is not a completely pure cow urine product. More information about the product can be found in the review below.

Cow Urine Oil

Gojackma Cow Urine Oil can also help you change your hair colour from white to black. It is the best natural remedy for colouring black hair. Because Gojackma cow urine is naturally black in colour, it can be used to naturally colour hair.

Cow Urine oil

Cow Urine oil Based on Ayurveda. Oil Work Great for Hair.

Cow Urine Oil by Gojackma

You can apply it by rubbing a small amount into your scalp or hair. Gojackma cow urine oil can also be applied to the hair. It can also be combined with other essential oils for scalp massage. The texture of this oil is mild, soft, and smooth.

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