Gojackma Mango Flavor Banana Chips 300 Gm Pack


Delicious Mango Flavor Banana Chips

  • Super delicious & Tasty Chips.
  • ultra mango flavored banana chips.
  • Bored with calicut banana chips. try mango banana chips.
  • Super Tasty and Rich in Fiber.
  • Chips Made by Tissue Bananas.
  • Mangos are also an excellent source of:
    Vitamin A, C, K, Potassium, Beta-carotene & Magnesium.

New Mango Flavored Banana Chips

How we Come up with Mango & other Flavor Banana Chips?

Mango Flavor banana chips is to good and tasty. when you eat this chips. you feel like you are inĀ heaven. once you start eating. your brain not tell you to stop eating. you just feel to want to eat more and more. its is because os it’s taste is to good. So What are you waiting for. buy your banana chips Now.

mango Flavor banana Chips

My Story (Banana Chips)

The Starting Story: I am trying sell banana chips online more than 3 year. but failed every time. my father is a farmer in madhya pradesh. we grow banana, cotton & Makka. my father do very hard working in farm. do work in direct sunlight. we also have a loan and don’t have a good income source to pay Loan. and i am a average student in class. Not have a good job at all.

The Binning of a Start-up (Banana Chips): after fail to sell chips online. i am goto in heavy depression. Struggling in job i am doing. but Here is one Thing I not tell you. IS, I believe in God. So after Failed almost 3 year I come Back with new IDEA.Mango, Neem, Coriander, Garlic, Tamarind & Orange Flavored Banana Chips.

The Success: After Launch Six new flavor banana chips. Again 1 month I strangled. but my mom and dad, and my friendsĀ help me. Now I am Happy & we don’t have loan.

The End: Now I become good & rich boy. Now My Father Can Proud Me.

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