New Manchurian Flavour Banana Chips

  • Brand new Manchurian Banana Chips.
  • Chips are 100% Fresh
  • Chips won’t go bad for 30 days
  • By eating these chips, you get a unique taste.
  • Manchurian Chips will reach your doorstep in 3 to 4 days
  • We ship Manchurian Banana Chips all over India

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  • Manchurian Banana chips was super delicious.
    Better than kerala banana chips.
  • not spoil in 25 days for me.
  • Fast Shipping

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Review Overview

this is a new flavour. and not available on other website. I order Manchurian banana chips on Gojackma. and the taste was surprising amazing. chips was better than kerala banana chips. this my review Thanks..


We bring you a new recipe of Banana Chips Flavour. In Manchurian Banana Chips, you get Manchurian and Banana Chips Savad one seven. By eating these chips, you will feel that you have eaten Manchurian and banana chips together make the taste even better, Manchurian chips do not spoil for 30 days. And we will send these chips to your home in just 3 days. Then what’s the delay, order Manchurian Banana Chips on gojackma today.